How To Get Ready For Your New Website: The Web Design Checklist

Get Ready For Your New Website: The Web Design Checklist

At Beau Brewer Digital, we want to deliver the best web design possible for your business. To make that happen, you will need to do some preparation work so we can better understand your needs. The more we know about the styles you like, your end goals for your website, and your budget for the project, the better we can do to make sure we’re creating the final product you’ve been dreaming of. To make this as easy as possible, we’ve created a website design checklist. Below, you’ll find everything you need for planning your website and preparing to work with Beau Brewer Digital.

Be Clear On Your Budget

Before work begins, it’s important you know what your budget is. When our creative team is planning your website, they’ll need a clear idea of your budget first thing so they can prioritize the work that’s most important to you. We will communicate with you on realistic goals for what can be done with the money available. Our creative team is efficient. We want to achieve as much as we can while always staying within budget.

Understand What Requirements Are Necessary

As with any project, it’s important to know the priorities when we get started. It would be helpful to create a list of exactly what your necessary requirements are from us.

Would you like Beau Brewer Digital to create a quality logo for your business? This is something we would be happy to do, but we need to know at the start of the project. A logo will mean that you will also need to update your marketing materials. We can design new business cards, brochures, menus, or other materials for you. If you have important needs like this, we’ll need to prioritize the work that’s most important so we can make sure everything fits within your budget by planning ahead.

An example where this could go wrong is if you hired us to design your new website and business cards, and then afterward, decided you also wanted a new logo. At that point, we’d have to update the recently completed work with the new logo, and this would alter our original budget expectations. By knowing ahead of time, we can seamlessly create quality products more efficiently and with a faster turnaround time for you.

To prepare for your design, work on a list of what your business needs. If you can, mark the items that are most important to you so we can do our most efficient work for you.

Communicate Your Goals

At Beau Brewer Digital, we want to create designs that work for your business. The more you can tell us about your goals for the project, the better we can serve you. When we understand the end goal with what we’re designing, we can make sure it’s created in the most efficient way possible.

Clarify Your Target Market For Us

Our creative team works hard to produce designs that are efficient, ahead of the curve, and that resonate with your target market. If you want us to design a site that blows your competition out of the water, we’ll need to understand who your target market is. Tell us as much as you can about who you sell to. Are they mostly men or women? Is there a target age range? This information will allow us to choose colors, fonts, and styles that will appeal to your target audience. This will make your marketing elegant and effective.

How To Get Ready For Your New Website: The Web Design Checklist

Let Us Know Your Time Frame

We are most efficient at what we do if we have a clear idea of when our clients expect to see results. Even if you are flexible, by giving us a deadline we can create a timeline for your project that will ensure an efficient workflow for us. Establishing a schedule also means you will be able to look forward to the date your final project will be delivered. Not only does that give you something to look forward to, but it lets you plan for your website reveal.

Consider the Quality Of Images For Your Site

One of the important things you need to do to prepare for your website design is gather any images you want to use in your project. This includes photos and your logo. We will need these files to be high quality so we can produce the best website for you. By providing logo files in vector format, our creative team can alter the size of the image without destroying the quality of the graphics. These files should be in *.eps, *.ai, or *.svg format.

If you are submitting high resolution photographs, they will need to have a DPI (dot per inch) of at least 300.

When we create your website, the resolution will be lowered so your page can load as fast as possible. We need the higher resolution files so we can edit and resize them so they look their best, especially if we will be using the photographs on printed materials.

Send All Images and Text To Us At the Beginning

Please send all images and text to Beau Brewer Digital as soon as possible. Our team can’t create a full vision for where things should go and the structure of your website or pages until we have all the text, photographs, logos, and any other content you want on your website. We won’t be able to progress until we have the final materials. If revisions to these materials are submitted to our creative team after we’ve already begun working on the website, it may require us to make changes that could delay the project and increase the cost.

Make Sure You’ve Secured Images And Text You’re Authorized To Use

Your website doesn’t need completely original content. However, you to need to have authorization for the materials you send to us to post on your site. If the images or text you submit to us need attribution or copyright information to be incorporated please let us know when you submit the materials to us.

If you need licensed images to be provided for your website, please let us know and we can build that in during the planning stage.

Collect Design Samples You Like

Have you seen a website you really love? Is there any design work you wish resembled your business? Let our team know before we get started on your project.

Let’s Create A Website Your Business Can Be Proud Of

This web design checklist is meant to make clear every detail you will need to know to properly plan for the best website design experience possible. We want the process to be seamless and the end result outstanding. By taking the time to go over the details in this checklist, we can eliminate potential challenges before we even begin working together. This will save money and time, ultimately giving us more time to achieve your goals for your project.

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We hope it’s helped you feel prepared for website planning and excited for the work ahead to create a professional design that will bring your vision to life.
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