What is Mockfire and How Does it Help Social Media Marketers?

Mockfire is a powerful online mockup tool that can transform your social media content into professional mockups so you can get content approved 6x faster.

Mockfire is a free-to-use mockup editor that integrates with all the leading social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

Mockfire is also the first free mockup tool to integrate an editor for Google ad mockups. It allows users to create mockups for 14 of the most popular Google banner ads.

What does Mockfire do?

Social media marketers are constantly on the lookout for tools that can be used to up their game. With more and more brands looking at social media marketing as a way to generate more revenue, the demand for freelance marketers and social media agencies is at an all time high.

Let’s face it, marketing agencies work on a tight schedule and often at full capacity. This leads to many social media calendars being sent out at the last minute.

It has become an industry norm and when content is sent out late, it gets approved late, resulting in the posts being published later than usual.

Every marketer wants to present their social media content in a way that will make their clients approve content faster. Mockfire is an online mockup tool that works to solve this problem.

How does Mockfire work?

Mockfire is dummy-proof, making it easy to use for anyone with a laptop and internet connection. Start by picking the social media channel you want to generate high quality mockups for. This will tailor the experience to your needs and make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

The next step is choosing the kind of mockup you want to generate. Options include posts, image/video ads, carousel ads, albums, stories, tweets, YouTube video thumbnails, Pinterest pins and many more.

After selecting the mockup type you can begin customizing the mockup using Mockfire’s easy-to-use interface. The mockup preview updates in real time as you upload graphics, captions and edit the call to actions.

Mockfire goes a step beyond and also lets you generate high quality Google ad mockups for your Google banners, showing you a preview of how your ads would look on an actual website.

Download free mockups with Mockfire

Once you have customized your mockup using the free mockup tool, you can download it in PNG or JPG formats. There is no fee and no sign-up required to download any mockups you create using Mockfire.

You can also try A/B testing your mockups to see which graphics and captions work best. Download different options that can be shared with your clients to get feedback before publishing it on any social channel.

What are the best features of Mockfire?

Mockfire is packed with features that are ideal for social media marketing. The online mockup tool integrates all the popular social media channels and their respective posts and ads into its interface to offer a comprehensive experience to all users.

While the interactive mockup templates are fantastic to customize and create professional social media mockups, the additional features of creating mockups for albums, carousel ads and stories makes it a must-have for any marketer.

Mockfire goes one step ahead and integrates Google mockups into its editing tool to really give marketers the edge and create professional mockups for their Google banner ads.

How much does Mockfire cost?

Mockfire is free to use both professionally and personally. You can create unlimited social media mockups using the mockup tool and download as many mockups as you need.

While the company promises to keep its mockup editor free for all, it is also working on adding more features that will be accessible with a Mockfire Pro plan.

You can access Mockfire here.

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