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Anyone can write an article...
if they have something interesting to say.

Guest Post Opportunities

At Beau Brewer Digital, we’re a big fan of guest posts. I love reading them, and they are an excellent way to get your name out there in the blogosphere. Get more exposure for yourself while providing value to Beau Brewer Digital at the same time.

We will often consider our guest writers for the possibility of PAID written content for Beau Brewer Digital and our clients.

Who can write a guest post

Anyone who has something interesting or useful to say can submit an article. All you need is to have an opinion and some knowledge about something relevant to Beau Brewer Digital or our services.

Need a little help with your Guest Post? Here is an article from Neil Patel, explaining 5 ways to guest post.

Considerations For Contributing Writers

While not specifically addressed in our Guest Post Policy:

  • Include a social media post! It will almost guarantee that we will post your article on our social channels.
  • Your submission should be longer than 500 words, with an ideal length of roughly one thousand (or greater) words.
  • No spam, affiliate links or relevant links pointed to scam/spyware or otherwise bottom of the bucket scum sucking websites.
  • Post Metadata is preferred, but not necessary.

Your Guest Blogger Pitch

Make sure that we’ll be excited to publish your post. Take some time, gather your ideas then send us your guest post pitch.

  • Will your post drive new readers to our website?
  • Will it add value to our audience?

Once you’ve found a topic that you think is relevant to Beau Brewer Digital, contact us with your pitch or proposal.

Our Recent Guest Posts

Here are a few articles from our contributing writers that we’ve recently published.

Video Marketing Strategy

How to Make a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Video is the most widely used marketing tool by businesses, small and large alike. It has proven itself to be an effective method to attract and retain new customers. In this article, we will explore the benefits of video marketing and how you can obtain those benefits by formulating your own video marketing strategy.

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