Website Security

The internet is full of bullies.
Keep your website safe.

Whether you run a mega-store like Amazon or a one page static site, your website is vulnerable to cyber attacks. The people who run these malicious programs aren’t always looking to gain something specific; they are looking for what they might be able to make the best of on pages they can gain access to.

This is why it’s essential to protect your website. Whether the threats have the potential to gain access to sensitive information, or simply make enough changes to damage your brand and cost you the expensive of having your site redesigned, there is no reason to risk leaving your page open to attack.

That’s why we offer SiteGuard to shield you from these risks and alert you to any vulnerabilities your site may have.

Nothing's Bulletproof...

But we make it extremely tough to crack.

SiteGuard is available to protect any WordPress enabled website, whether you’ve been a client of Beau Brewer Digital in the past or not.

Our service is “hands off”, meaning you will never have to do anything to manage your website’s protection yourself. The experts will handle keeping your site safe while you can go on doing the work that you do best to run your business.

State Of The Art Protection

It’s not just major websites that are victims of security vulnerabilities. On television, you see hackers going after major targets. In real life, it’s easier for the bad guys to send out malicious software and go after any site they can find.

That’s why SiteGuard is around, to protect everyone’s work, whether you’re an online shop owner or a web developer.

SiteGuard features keeping your site safe.

A Managed Web Application Firewall

A web application firewall will monitor all of your traffic and let in your valuable visitors while blocking the dangerous threats.

Send You Alerts When Something Is Wrong

Don’t let days go by without knowing your site is down. SiteGuard will alert you to this event, or when it detects a vulnerability in your system, or when anything happens that you need to pay attention to for the health of your site.

Remotely Update Your Site Software

Your software, themes, and plugins all need to stay updated to protect against the latest threats. This can all be managed remotely by our team of experts.

Monitoring for Site Up-time and Security

Your site visitors and search engines want to see a quality website. SiteGuard will monitor for vulnerabilities, up-time, blacklists, and site errors.

CMS Hardening

The ultimate goal is to keep your site secure. Make this happen with ReCaptcha, 2FA, and with improved CMS configurations.

Shield Against Malware And Cyber Attacks

SiteGuard will keep you safe by preventing malware infections and attacks from malicious cyber threats, all without you ever having to lift a finger.

Protect Your Site With a Web Application Firewall (WAF)

A smart web application firewall (WAF) will monitor and filter your traffic, letting in your true visitors and blocking fake traffic. SiteGuard manages a web application firewall that protects your website from cyber attacks.

This advanced web application firewall is the main feature SiteGuard is known for. It will be updated automatically to keep your WordPress site safe. 

  • As needed, SiteGuard will create custom firewall rules as part of their management to keep your site safe from the latest threats.
  • SiteGuard will block hackers and bots.
  • The WAF shields against OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities.
  • It guards against plugin vulnerabilities.
  • Malicious attacks by bots and spam are blocked.
  • Your site is guarded against malware infections.
  • The firewall is remotely managed by our team of experts.
  • The firewall automatically receives new rules.
  • The WAF does not slow down your website.

WordPress Hardening

Your WordPress site needs up-to-date security practices to keep it safe. These include:

  • Login Rate Limiting
  • HTTP Security Headers
  • ReCaptcha
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • GDPR Cookie and Privacy Policy
  • User Activity Logging

Your Site Needs Automated Off-Site Backups

You can rest easy knowing that if the worst happens and some of your data is lost or damaged, your off-site backups are protected by SiteGuard. We’ll perform nightly, triple redundant, automated backups that will keep your data secure.

SiteGuard Monitors for Security and Vulnerability

Cyber attacks become more advanced every day. SiteGuard is continually updated to shield against these changing threats. It will monitor your website for known vulnerabilities.

SiteGuard frequently adds new scans to keep your site protected against the latest threats. 

SiteGuard will monitor:

  • Plugin vulnerability
  • Certificate expiration
  • SSL/TLS monitoring
  • Up-time
  • Blacklist
  • Error
  • Domain expiration
$ 49
Monthly for 12 Months
  • Managed website firewall (WAF)
  • Nightly Offsite Backups
  • Virtual patching & malware prevention
  • Daily security scans
  • WordPress hardening
  • Plugin updates
  • Downtime monitoring
  • ReCaptcha v2 and v3
  • Two factor authentication
  • Add security headers
  • Login rate limiting
  • And MUCH More

After subscribing we will contact you by email. We will need admin access to your WordPress installation in order to install the security suite and respond to threats.

12 month minimum, auto renews. Early cancellation will prorated to invoice remaining term balance. Some features may not be available in every configuration.

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