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Capture Your Customers’ Attention
With Graphic Design That Stands Out

People develop a first impression of your business within the first few seconds. In that time, they know nothing about your business and what you offer. In just a few seconds of time, what kind of impression are your potential customers getting?

This is why eye-catching professional designs are vital for your business. You need a visual that immediately tells a potential customer a story. An image that catches your customer’s eye, tells them what your business is about, and resonates with them so they know your company is the right one for them.

That’s a lot to ask from a graphic design, but that’s exactly what Beau Brewer Digital does.

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Logo Design

Let’s create a strong brand identity with an unforgettable first visual impression of your company.

Business Card Design

These cards can pack a punch in a small space. Let’s tell customers who you are and compel them to get in touch.

Brochure Design

This is an opportunity to tell your potential customers all about your business. We will work to make the information clear and engaging so they know exactly what your company is about and the benefits you offer.

Restaurant Menu Design

We’ll design a menu that will draw the eye across the page so your patrons are excited to order.

T-Shirt Design ​

Grab your customer’s attention on a person-sized billboard! The right design will have your customers asking questions about the company on the shirt.

Why Graphic Design Matters For Your Business

We live in a busy and competitive world. Your potential customers are one internet search away from finding another option for their needs. However, if they see something that compels them to look further into the option in front of them, they would likely prefer to stick with the option they now feel familiar with.

It’s the job of beautiful graphic design work to engage the customer and compel them to move forward. It starts with the first impression, where their eye is caught and the design compels them to look further. They will then scan for more information, either with text or to get more clues from the visual. Images will help bring them through their buyer’s journey and, when successful, form a lasting impression in their mind.

Graphic Design
Red Wing Firearms and Gun Range, Business Cards, Red Wing, MN

So when they see your logo, they will remember they know of a company that can do what they need. When they see your design on a T-shirt or pick up your brochure or business card, they will remember the visual that caught their attention and the story it told them about the business it represented.

This is the power of outstanding graphic design and it’s something your business needs on its side.

What Best Serves Your Business?

With decades of experience in creating engaging graphic designs for businesses, there isn’t much that we can’t do. If you have a vision, we can work to bring that to life.

All of our graphic design services are offered with comprehensive printing options!

Small business logo design example shown on a T-shirt.

Our services include:

How can we help your customers engage with your business?

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Beau Brewer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Commercial Printer, serving Red Wing, MN Lake City, MN Cannon Falls, MN Hastings, MN Ellsworth, WI and River Falls, WI

About the Designer

Beau Brewer is an experienced graphic designer based in Red Wing, Minnesota. He brings his passion for graphic design to every project he works on. With 15 years in the professional industry, and 20 years of experience, he has seen it all and uses his skills to benefit your business with designs that are thoughtful, effective, compelling, and delivered on time.

He creates his eye-catching designs with the complete Adobe Creative Suite, with an emphasis on Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe InDesign.

Are You Ready To Level Up Your Business?

You need an honest and professional designer who will listen to you, understand your vision, and then bring it to life. We are excited to have the opportunity to do exactly that for our clients throughout Red Wing and beyond.

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