Engaging Social Media Visual Content

How to Create Engaging Social Media Visual Content Like a Pro

So you want to be a social media influencer? Or a brand that needs maximum engagement from social media? You’ve come to the right place. Here we will discuss how you can create engaging social media visual content like a pro. Hop on and grow your social media engagement.

Nowadays, social media has turned into a global village. Where people can look at what other people are up to. Social media has made it easier to share whatever is going on in your life with the world. This sharing of content is also a technique. Almost everyone shares their lives on social media but very few get good engagement. Why is that? Good engaging content.

There are social media influencers who get millions of likes and comments on their content. Their following is also in the million. Businesses can also have hundreds and thousands of the following and can eventually take their business to another level. Below are some tips and tricks for you to create visually engaging social media content like a pro.

Less Text, More Visuals

Less Text More Visuals
Make your content more engaging by focusing on visuals instead of text. Our brains process visual information more quickly than textual information, so by making your content more visual, you’ll keep your audience’s attention for longer. Text is something that most people avoid when they’re scrolling through social media or the internet – they lose interest after reading just a few lines. To avoid having your content skipped over, make sure it includes videos or pictures. This will help your audience stay engaged and more likely to watch the whole thing.

The human brain process visual information faster than textual information. This is the biggest reason why you should transform the way you make content. Your content should be focused more on visuals than text. Text is something that the majority of the audience avoids, they lose interest after reading 3 to 4 lines on average and skip past your post. To avoid that, you post videos or pictures, this will allow them to stay and watch the whole thing. Thus, more engagement.

Original Content Over Copyrighted or Free Stock

Create Original Visual Content
The internet is a big place, but it’s not big enough for everyone to have the same content. If you use content that’s already available online, there’s a chance your audience has already seen it somewhere else. This will give the impression that you’re copying stuff or that you’re too lazy to create your own original content. So instead of using the content available online, try making original videos or taking your own pictures. This will give your audience something new to look forward to.

The Internet world is vast but not vast enough. If you use content that is already available on the internet then there might be a chance that your audience has already seen that somewhere else. This will give the impression that you copy stuff or you are too lazy to create your own original stuff. So instead of getting the content available on the internet, try making original videos or taking your own pictures. This will give your audience something new to look forward to.

Testimonials and Reviews

If you are a business, this is for you. Share the best testimonials and reviews of your business in a visual form. This will attract more engagement. Video testimonials show more emotions, detailed explanations, and a detailed look at what they will be experiencing after buying your product. Imagine a long textual form of review that have multiple paragraphs in it. People are going to forget it and move past your posts.


This one here is one of the most underrated methods of getting engagement. If executed right, competitions can bring in huge engagement to your account. Take it as a giveaway. You give away to influencers to get a shout-out, instead, you can give away that product to one of the followers and for that, you can organize a competition. You can ask your followers to comment on your posts and share them with 3 of their friends. By this, your post will get more comments and a huge reach to new people who might follow you back. This method is one of the best if executed right.


This is an old but effective way of increasing your reach. There are some public hashtags that are used and visited by thousands of users every day. If you pick the right hashtags, you might attract heavy reach to your post.

Stories and Reels

You might have noticed that almost every social media platform has introduced stories and reels on their platform. Why is that? The answer is short content. People prefer watching long videos. They want to see something that is short, concise, and complete. This is something that you should adopt if you want the attention of your followers. This will do wonders for you.


These were some of the tips and tricks which can be very effective if executed right. They can produce a huge following and engagement for your profile. Social media is becoming fast so you also should. This is going to change the mainstream media and the way people shop. Adapting to these changes is the only way for small businesses to survive on the internet.

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