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10 Questions Your Designer Will Ask And 15 They Might

Before your web designer can begin work on your site, they’ll need to know exactly what a successful website looks like for your business. The first time you meet with your professional web designer, they will need to ask you questions about what makes your business special, who your customers are, and what expectations you have for your website.

Your designer will have experience in communicating these ideas. You can prepare for this meeting by reading through this list of common questions your designer will ask. They’ll be impressed when you come to the meeting with informative answers ready to go!

Plan Your Site With This Web Design Questionnaire

Would you like to know what questions your web designer will ask before you meet them? The questions below are meant to help you and your web designer communicate the goals you have for your project. The more you consider your answers, the clearer your vision for your site will become, and the better you’ll be able to communicate what your requirements are for your website. The answers will help your designer to provide you with realistic goals and expectations for the design process. They’ll be able to give you an accurate proposal, complete with a timeline for the project.

Website Design Questionnaire PDF Worksheet

1) Why have you decided to have your website redesigned, or create a brand new one?

2) If you don’t have your website redesigned or create a new one, what will happen?

3) Can you briefly describe your organization for us?

4) Please tell us what it is about your skills and background that makes what you do special for your customers.

5) What makes your work background different from your competitions’? What makes you stand out in your industry?

6) You believe that your potential customers should choose your business over the competition. Why?

7) Your business solves a problem for your potential customers. What problem do they have when they seek you out?

8) Does your company have a tagline?

Does the tagline (or slogan) offer information on the benefits to doing business with your company?

9) Who are your customers?

Please tell us everything you can about who they are, including information like their age, gender, what their interests are, and if possible, the types of devices they use to access your website. If your site is intended for a business-to-business audience, tell us what you can about the companies your website will be designed for.

10) What is your budget for this project?

Website Design Meeting

11) Who is in charge of making decisions on your project? What can we expect for a turnaround time when decisions need to be made?

12) Who else will be involved in the project?

If it will involve your employees, what are their roles in the company? Do you have a webmaster on your staff, and will they be involved in this project?

13) Your project needs a completion date. When is the deadline?

14) Design samples tell our creative team about the styles you prefer.

Please provide us with the names or URLs of five websites you like. What is it you particularly like about these websites?

15) Have you browsed the websites of your competition?

This will give you insight on the things you do and don’t like.

16) For the content on your website, what do you NOT want on your business website?

17) Do you have a plan for sourcing your website content?

If you need help to create quality content for your website, let your designer know. At Beau Brewer Digital, this is something we can take care of for our clients as part of your project. If you have content, who will be in charge of updates? Do you the text available for us to post on your website?

18) Does your business have a logo?

19) Will you be selling products on your website?

If so, please tell us what the product is and approximately how many different items you plan on.

20) If you will be selling products on your website, you will require a way to accept credit cards. Do you have an online payment processor set up?

Hispanic Outreach of Goodhue County Website, Red Wing, MN

21) Customers will try to contact you through your website. How often do you plan on responding to your potential customers? Will you be checking for messages multiple times a day, or just once?

22) Imagine that you are at your computer and want to find your website on a search engine. What would you type in to find your business? Which words or phrases do you feel are most relevant to your business? What are the second and third most important words or phrases?

23) Potential customers will find your website through search engines. Outside of that, how else do you plan for your customers to find your site? Business cards, social media, advertisements?

24) You are planning for your website to result in additional business for your company. How long are you planning for it to take to see results?

25) What is your plan for encouraging your site visitors to link their friends to your page? Do you have a plan for encouraging customers to return to your website again in the future?


Get Ready To Meet Your Web Designer

Do you feel ready to meet your web designer and communicate your vision for your project? The better you feel about your answers to the questions above, the easier time you’ll have describing what you want. This first meeting will get you both on the same page for the planning process. Once you are both sure you understand the timeline of the project, the requirements, and have set expectations for the journey ahead, you’ll be on your way to a professional site design for your business.

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“Begin Planning Your Website.”

We hope it’s helped you feel prepared for website planning and excited for the work ahead to create a professional design that will bring your vision to life.
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