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One of the most important considerations for any website is search engine optimization. Google can be very secretive about what makes one page rank better than another, but they’ve been clear about one thing: speed matters.

When Google tells you something is important, you should listen.

So we know that page speed matters for ranking well on the search result pages and that’s reason enough to take page speed seriously. But the reason search engines care about this so much is that they want to provide results to their users they will find helpful. No one has patience anymore for pages that load slowly and exhibit clunky performance.

If you want repeat website visitors and a lower bounce rate, your page needs to be up to speed.

Unfortunately, this can be hard to judge on your own. Your internet connection, your computer, and the fact that you’ve loaded your page dozens of times yourself, all affect how you judge the speed of your site.

That’s where our Page Speed Checker comes in to answer the question for you. Enter your URL below and see how your page speed holds up.

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