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Once you’ve used our Page Speed Checker, you’ll want to know why your page loads at the rate it does. And moreover, what can you do to make your page load faster? That’s where our Pagespeed Insights Checker comes in.

Once you enter the URL for your page, our powerful SEO tool will look it over and quickly return with information for you. You’ll be given results right here that provide a pagespeed score, that gives you a quick look at how your page is doing overall. You’ll also see a page code analysis. This is presented as a pie chart and gives you a look at what percentage of different codes are on the page. All of these types of code play a major factor in how quickly your page loads. The analysis will look at JavaScript, Images, CSS, HTML, and other scripts. To give you a place to go with this information, the Pagespeed Insights Checker will then show you some Page Optimization Suggestions. This is a short list of ideas for what you can adjust on your page to improve your loading speed.

Enter in your URL below on our Pagespeed Insights Checker for a better look at how your page is loading. You will gain insight on exactly how long your entire page took to load, as well as the individual scripts on the page.

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