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You know you want your pages to rank well in the search engines, but figuring out how well you’re doing is tricky.

If you continue searching for relevant terms to see how your pages are ranking, the results you see will be skewed because Google can change your individual results based on past searches. Even if you get around that, searching for many terms on a consistent basis can only give you a rough idea of how your site is doing in the grand scheme of things.

That’s where your Page Authority score comes in handy. Moz created a ranking system between one and a hundred that rates your page authority. This number is helpful when considering how well you’re doing for SEO. The rank doesn’t look at keywords, but examines how you’re doing on a myriad of other factors, such as link building from other authority pages.

When you use our free Page Authority Checker, you can enter up to 20 pages from your website to see how they’re rating on the Moz authority scale. There’s no better or faster way to get a look at how your individual pages are doing for SEO and get an idea for how you can improve.

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