Free Keyword Tools

Every day, millions of people use search engines. They enter a phrase and hope to find the results they’re looking for. While many of them believe their queries are unique, the truth is that the same keyword phrases are searched over and over again. The pages that show up in the results for these keywords are treated to free, targeted search engine traffic relevant to their web pages. This is the traffic internet marketers need for their pages to thrive.

In order to get that traffic, you need to know what keywords to optimize your pages for. It’s possible to scramble around and do your best to accomplish this on your own, but why would you when there are free tools available that make the process easier, save you time, and lead to better results in the end?

To make the best of your SEO efforts, take advantage of our free keyword tools. To find out what keyword phrases you’ll want to use on your pages, use our Keyword Suggestion Tool. To check how often you’ve used those phrases in your content, run your page through our Keyword Density Checker. And then to find out where your page is ranking in the search results for various terms, use our Keyword Suggestion Tool. These tools will give you a place to get started and a way to evaluate your progress on your internet marketing journey.

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