Free Website Security Tools

What are you doing to protect your website from attack? With quality, free website security tools, there’s no reason to leave your domain vulnerable.

As site owners, we are more likely to pay attention to keywords for search engine optimization or discuss the most effective designs to improve your conversion rate. We take for granted that our sites will be safe, and yet malicious attacks happen every day. You invest time and money in your website. It’s an essential part of your business, where your customers depend on being able to safely visit you. Would you leave the front door of your brick-and-mortar shop unlocked overnight? Of course not. You would inspect the property for vulnerabilities and protect your business assets. You should do the same with your website.

At Beau Brewer Digital, we take site security seriously. Not only is this about protecting your investments, it’s about protecting your site visitors and keeping your website on good terms with search engines like Google, who will lower your pages in their results if they detect malicious activity on your domain.

That’s why we’ve created our suite of five free website security tools to keep your web pages running smoothly and safe from attack.

To keep your site safe, use our free Malware Scanner, Blacklist Lookup, Suspicious Domain Checker, Email Privacy Check, and MD5 Generator. This suite of website security tools are easy to use, free, and created by a web developer with years of experience in the industry. Check your assets today and make a habit of it to keep your site safe.

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