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Page size matters. It matters to search engines, and it matters to your page loading speed. This essential SEO factor is something any successful webmaster must take into consideration.

Even a page with a minimalist design aesthetic can be too large if size isn’t examined. Images need optimization to get pages to load quickly. Sharing buttons need their code optimized to be clean and load faster.

Though size is important, that doesn’t mean you have to give up the various media content you love. Having a page with many elements on it doesn’t mean it has to be a large file size. Pages with exciting elements will get bigger, but keeping an eye on size and proper optimization can keep things reasonable. You can have a page with sharing tools, images, videos, and flash that still loads at a reasonable speed. But that can only happen if you’re taking page size into consideration.

Our Page Size Checker allows you to enter in a URL and find out the exact page size in both bytes and kilobytes. Enter your URL below to find out your page size.

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