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Relevant websites with authority can drive traffic to your website and improve your ranking in the search results. Owners of these sites often charge you for the opportunity to create a link on their site. But how do you know what’s a fair price to pay?


Links are a valuable resource not only because they can drive more direct traffic to your website, but because you need relevant websites with authority to link to your page. Just any link from anywhere won’t do. Search engines analyze your website to decide how well it will fit what their users are looking for. While there are many small factors that impact your ranking, the two biggest are your content and your links. To decide how well your site suits their users needs, search engines evaluate the value of your content and then the quality of the links pointing to your site.

When you have a lot of links from questionable sources linking to your page, your site gets grouped with them as being low-quality. When sites that have proven to be valuable link to your page, search engines known to put your site in that category. Users who liked this site may also like yours.

Understanding how valuable a quality can be will affect your own thinking of the value of these links. You still need to look at your budget and decide what links most deserve your dollars.

There are a couple factors that affect the value of a link. The more authority a site has and the more traffic you are likely to receive from the link will increase the price you pay. You need information on these points to better understand what a fair price is so you can find the best links for your budget.

This is why we’ve created our free link price analyzer tool as part of our suite of SEO tools for site owners. By entering your URL in the box below and clicking the “submit” button, our free SEO tool will evaluate the URLs and calculate a fair price for a link. If you would like to research more than one domain, enter one URL per line.


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