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If you want your online marketing to succeed, you need to embrace data. Don’t let this scare you. There are simple ways to make this easy on yourself. By using thorough tools that make it easy to understand what is happening, you can see where your marketing efforts stand and set goals for improvement.


For example, if you want to rank at the top of the search results for a specific keyword phrase, you can check where your page is ranked. You know that your goal is to reach a higher ranking. How do you do that? Two of the biggest factors in search engine optimization (SEO) are valuable content for your target audience and quality backlinks. If you have the content covered, you need to work on building backlinks that tell Google your site has something of value to offer. These links count as votes telling the search engines your page is where they should direct their users, since so many other quality sources have already determined your page was worth linking to.

When you’re working on your link building campaign, and you know you need more links, it can be helpful to understand how you are currently doing so you can set a clear goal for improvement. If you know your page has ten backlinks, you can set a goal to have ten more by the end of the month. At that time, you can see how your ranking has improved, and set your next goal based on your previous success.

Having easy access to this data gives you measurable goals and a plan to follow, instead of feeling like you are lost in the weeds.

When you use our free website link analyzer tool, you will see the total number of links, the number of internal links, external links, and no follow links. You’ll then be able to take a closer look at where these individual links are coming from. You can even export the data as an CSV file (a spreadsheet) so you can easily save the information to compare your results in the future and track your progress.

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