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When you create a link on your site, you are performing a powerful SEO practice. You are also creating a resource for your site visitors. As part of healthy site maintenance, you need to make sure those links stay working. Our free broken link finder makes this task simple.


One of the important roles of your website is to help you gain trust with an audience. When visitors search for your website and find it in the search results on Google, they trust your page a little more because they trust the search engines. When they see a quality site design, they trust that you are a site owner that cares about their page. When they find quality content that proves useful to them, they come to trust you a source for that kind of information.

When your site fails to meet user expectations, you can lose trust with visitors. When they click on a link, they are expecting it to take them to wherever you indicated it should lead. When they find a link is broken, it gives users the impression that your website may not be well cared for, may be outdated, and that you may be a slightly less trustworthy resource in the future. This seems like a lot to infer from one broken link, but it depends on how much trust the visitor had with your site in the first place. There are many websites on the internet these days for visitors to choose from and they will use the sites that have proven to be most useful to them in the past.

The more content you add to your site, the more links you will build. This is a good thing because it means there is more for search engines to look at and more ways to be useful to your audience. It does mean there are more opportunities for problems to arise.

Links break for a lot of reasons. Sometimes a page is temporarily unavailable. Other times a URL may have been altered, a page may have been attacked and is now being blocked by a firewall, or the site may have been deleted.

Keeping your links healthy is a valuable practice for any site owner. It’s too much work to click every link on your web page regularly to check that it’s working. Don’t worry, we created our free SEO tools to have your back.

It’s easy to use our free broken link finder to check the status of your links. Enter your URL in the box below and click the “submit” button. The broken link finder will check your pages and give you a full report on the status of your internal links (links pointing to other pages inside your website) and external links (links pointing outside your website).

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