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If you want your domain to rise in the rankings, you will need relevant backlinks pointing to your site. Monitor your progress using our free backlink checker.


Your site needs great websites to link to it. Great websites will have authority with the search engines as a quality resource your target audience is already interested in. They will have been around for a while and proven themselves with the search engines. They will have a history of healthy site practices that have built their site up in the rankings. You want your website to be associated with as many sites like this as possible. You gain that association through external backlinks pointing to your domain. In essence, this tells the search engines that your site has relevant value.

To this end, you will need to do work networking and building as many relevant links to your website as you can. This will be a long-term undertaking and will need to become a habit of healthy SEO practices you perform when you can. But do you know how well you’re doing? How do you keep track of how many backlinks your site has?

You can do better than guessing and hoping things are working out. You don’t need to be an SEO expert to perform regular site maintenance and keep your search engine optimization practices strong. By creating a regular habit of checking your site’s health, you will put your site ahead of the competition who isn’t taking these steps.

Using our free backlink checker makes it easy to see exactly how your site is doing. Enter your URL in the box below and click “Submit”. You will instantly be able to see the exact number of backlinks your site has gained.


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