8 Tips to Increase Conversions On Your Website

8 Tips to Increase Conversions On Your Website

How do you turn website visitors into customers? Building a quality website with a smooth design is an essential part of that process. Once you have a strong foundation, you can look at small things you can tweak to increase your conversion rate.

But first, what is a conversation rate? Your conversion rate is the ratio of people who visit your website against the number who visit your website and become customers. When we discuss improving your conversion rate, we’re talking about things you tweak on your website that will make your visitors more likely to become customers.

Let’s dive into eight quick tips you can use to improve your site today.

1. Create A Strong Call to Action to Enforce your Conversion Rate

Keep your call to action short, simple, and use a strong action verb. Grab yours now! Call today!

2. Lower Their Risk

Can you include a no-risk guarantee with an easy refund policy on purchases? Or a risk-free trial for your services? When you reduce risk, customers are more likely to take the chance of doing business with you.

3. Make Your Pages Easy to Scan

Larger fonts and bold words will catch your customer’s eye before they read through your content. Use headlines and bold fonts to make keywords easy for them to see first so they recognize that this is the content they are looking for and they should read further.

4. Make Your Contact Information Easy to Find

Your contact information should be at the top of the page and in your footer, to begin with, and then anywhere else it naturally fits into your page. You want customers to have no problem finding a way to contact you.

5. Use Testimonials to Provide Social Proof

When other customers have used your business successfully in the past, this tells potential customers they could safely try using your business, too. Collect customer testimonials and feature them on your page.

6. Tell Your Customers The Benefits

Why should a customer use your company? Tell them how your product or service will make their life better.

7. Use Emotional Language To Get Them Excited

Tell them all the information they need to know, but don’t make it boring. Your customers want to feel compelled and excited about working with you. Even if your brand isn’t necessarily fun, they want to know there is a reason they are looking forward to this purchase. We create emotional connections with how we spend our money. What emotions would your customer be feeling if they were compelled to use your business? Use words that evoke those emotions.

8. Test

When you change the color on your call to action button, do you get better results? What about when you change the wording? Or the font size? Use one version for a month, and then another version next month, and track your results. Did one create better results?

The more you test with anything you do on your website, the more you’ll know what your customers respond to and how to turn your site visitors into customers.

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