Why Business Cards Matter

Why Business Cards Still Matter And How To Use Them

You have Twitter and Facebook accounts. Why do you need a business card?

Business cards still matter. Here’s why:

Reason #1: It’s Personal

Handing someone a physical object creates a connection. The connection is between you, this person, and this physical object that has passed between you. Experiencing this moment is a way to tap into someone’s memory. They may not remember your name, but if you made a good impression, they’ll remember the moment you handed them the card. So later, when they think, “Oh! I met a woman who does that!” the next memory they’ll have is “I have her card in my wallet!” and then you’re in.

Being on your phone and swapping contact information is impersonal. No eye contact is being made. In fact, while they’re adding you to their contacts, they’re skimming through the notifications that popped up, so their mind is already elsewhere.

Reason #2: It’s a Way to Introduce Your Brand

Do you have a beautifully designed logo? A tight brand? A business card that shows it all off? A well-designed business card after an excellent introductory conversation will make the person look at the card and take a second to be taken aback. They will look at your logo and business cards and realize the conversation they’ve just shared with you was real. That you are a legitimate business owner with a company. If your business card stands out for its beautiful, branded design, all the better, because now they know your business stands out and they have a feel for what it’s about.

A well-designed logo and business card is your chance to cement that memorable first impression in their mind.

Reason #3: They Show You Are Professional

You walk around life prepared. You are a professional business owner with something to show for it. Someone scrambling through their bag for a piece of paper to write their info on doesn’t give the same impression.

Know How To Use Your Business Card

Okay. You have a logo; you have a brand; you have a business card, and you’re carrying them around with you, fully believing they can be a powerful tool for your business. But how do you even hand them to people, anyway? Isn’t this awkward? Do people really want this card from me?

Yes, many of them do. Don’t worry. This gets easier with practice. Here are some rules to get you started.

  • If you shook hands with someone, hand them your business card.You don’t have to give a card to every person who is likely to toss it away, but a handshake is an indicator of a connection formed between you. The card is a way to grow on that.
  • Ask for their card. Most people will want to reciprocate when you hand them yours, but it’s always a good practice to ask. This shows you’re interested in them and their business. It’s always good to have their contact information for later. This is a solid practice.
  • Use their contact information to add them online. This will help you remember their name later and also further the connection you’ve built in person, bringing it into the digital world.

Business Cards Link Your Digital Efforts With The Real World

Never doubt the power of digital marketing, but don’t let that make you forget the power of in person, one-on-one interactions. You want to take your online experiences into the physical world and vice versa, so your brand becomes a part of your customer’s life stories, not just something they see pop up in their Twitter feed from time to time. Building contacts with business cards is a strong way to build connections and establish your brand.

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