Business Card Design Tips

Business Card Design Tips

Did you know that around 90% of business cards are thrown away within a week? This might seem like the perfect case for foregoing business cards altogether. After all, we increasingly live in a paperless environment – everything is digital, and connecting with people is made much easier with social media. However, a business card can still be a useful marketing tool, if it is done right. In this article, we’re going to go over a few tips outlining the type card design that will make your business stand out.

1. Good design principles apply

A business card is still a printed material, and as such, you can use basic design principles as your guideline. These principles include:

  • Having at least a 5mm space from the trim edge for key copy
  • Adding images at 300dpi
  • Respecting the minimum size for typography in order to improve readability
  • Designing in CMYK

2. Make use of special finishes

Special finishes will make any business card stand out. You have many options in business card design, options such as metallic inks, spot-UV and foil blocking. These finishes do add an extra cost to the print, but they are more impressive visually, more tactile, and more memorable. Make sure that you ask your business card designer about the options available, and check out some samples before you decide.

3. Make use of cutting technology

To further make your business card stand out, you have to option of using cutting technology. This aspect of business card design will use a die or laser cut process in order to remove certain elements from the card stock. This will leave a void and it can be used to change the shape of the business card or cutting shapes into the center. The possibilities unlocked by this card design method are endless, and the result can be very impressive.

4. Test out different materials

The most commonly used material in business card design is card stock, which is very cost-effective. However, you can get a little more creative with the material, and make something more memorable. For example, you can use wood, metals, plastics and even slate.

5. Add usability

One way you can add lasting power to your business card is to make it useful in some way. You can get very creative here, from designing a business card that also acts as a hair clip holder, to creating business cards that can fold and turn into miniature furniture that would make great decoration. If the business card is cool enough, people will want to hang on to it, and maybe even use it as an ornament on their desk.

6. Add a QR code

A business card has very limited space, and adding beyond the company name, tagline, company logo, phone number and other relevant contact information can clutter up the design. Thankfully, you can circumvent this and add a QR code. Now you will be able to add extra information about your company and products or a download link to a digital marketing material, and you will have a refreshingly original business card.

7. Use a 3D effect

A 3D effect can turn an unimpressive white space into something that stands out. Not only can the effect be subtly pleasing to the eye, it can also add a tactile dimension to the card.

8. Add stunning visuals

A business card is quickly forgotten if it does not stand out. In order to improve the effectiveness of this marketing tool, you cannot just have a blank space filled with the bare minimum contact information. You have to make use of every design element, add bright colors, and get creative with the images that you use. The design can be extremely varied, from implementing your brand identity into the color scheme, to having harmonious contrasts and coloration. You can go with a simple design, or something elaborate, ensuring that your potential clients are pleasantly surprised.

9. Consider thickness

Few people will consider the thickness of a business card, but it does have a subtle psychological effect. A thicker card appears to be more expensive to your target audience, and it conveys a sense of quality. Consider asking your business card designer to use thicker paper for your card.

Are you interested in printing a business card for your company or personal use?

If you are able to select the right design for your business card, you can dramatically improve the effectiveness of this marketing method. At Beau Brewer Digital, we offer business card design services at competitive prices. Contact us today for more information.

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