Why You Should Create Amazing Infographics

Why You Should Create Amazing Infographics For Your Customers

There was a period where infographics were everywhere. They were newly discovered to be effective, and so if marketers had an idea for content, they would make it into an infographic.

Here’s the thing. Every medium for content will be employed differently. The content you make into videos, and where you deliver those videos to your customers, will differ greatly from the content you deliver via an infographic, vs a tweet, vs a blog, vs a newsletter. The way you deliver content matters.

So an infographic can only truly be great if you understand the medium and deliver it in a way to your customers that makes sense.

That caveat out of the way, infographics have a lot of potential when used well.

But with so many kinds of content out there, why should you bother with infographics?

1. Audiences Engage With Strong Visuals

Facebook shows your pictures and videos to more of your customers than text posts. Facebook is a major company that spends a lot of time studying their analytics. This tells us that audiences want images and video. It catches their eye when they’re scrolling through the internet and makes them stop for a second and pay attention. If the image is good enough, it makes your brand memorable.

2. The Content Matters

Don’t create an infographic that summarizes facts about you or your business. Content that will connect with your customer is about them. This is true of for content marketing in general. What is a problem your customers have? Do they need more comfortable shoes? Do they need to know more about how to cook a pot roast? Can you create content that solves a problem for them?

3. They Perform Well on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social platform, but it’s also a search engine with a lot of power to drive traffic to your website. Don’t underestimate the power an amazing infographic can have on Pinterest.

4. They’re An Opportunity to Build Your Brand

An infographic with excellent visual cues are an opportunity to develop your branding in a piece of content that can spread around the internet. Not only that, but if the content is well done, it establishes both your brand and that your company is an established expert that provides helpful content.

5. They Go Great On a Blog or In a Newsletter

Do you need content for your blog or newsletter? Infographics are a perfect piece of content to share with your audience on these platforms!

6. They Are Shareable

A great infographic can be easily shared around the internet. If your audience found it useful, why wouldn’t they share it with their friends who might also find it useful? We share things we enjoy and find valuable because we want to be the ones to offer that up to our friends. As a side effect, the creators of that well-positioned content have their brand and message spread freely throughout the internet.

Why Infographics

They engage audiences; they are a clear way to provide value to your audience; they have multiple ways to drive traffic, and they help establish your brand. These are all the things content marketers look for in a piece of great content. Infographics, when done well, can be an important piece of content for your content marketing campaigns.

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