How To Build A Compelling Local Landing Page

How To Build A Compelling Local Landing Page

Targeting a local audience can do wonders for your conversion rates, and in some cases it is essential. One of the methods used to reach such an audience is the local landing page, which is designed to rank higher in certain geographical locations. Google will either try to infer local intent from a search query, or a user will type in a specific location along with the product or service he intends to purchase. If your landing pages are localized, they will show up in the results and likely lead to a conversion.

Getting started

SEO strategies have several elements, and one of them is localization. It is much easier to rank higher on localized keywords than it is to compete with big companies for high traffic ones. It is also much more resource efficient. If you have a brick and mortar store, or if you only serve several areas in a major city, then there is no need to compete for keywords that reach a global audience.

As part of this localization strategy, you have the local landing page. Using Google Analytics, you can determine where most of your visitors come from and what interests them on your site. With this information in hand, you can generate a list of locations that can be targeted. You can also use existing information, such as your store location, or areas that you want to target right away.

Landing pages for multiple locations

Once you have a list of localized keywords, you will likely want to create a landing page for each location. The best way to handle this situation is by creating an overview page, where you will link all the different landing pages in order to keep your website structure coherent and straightforward. You can use a plugin for the overview page if you are working with WordPress, or you can have a developer set everything up for you. Some plugins will create a new custom post type, along with an archive page, adding the functionality to create landing pages directly from your admin dashboard.


The SEO for the landing pages is simple to set up. Start by making sure that the SEO title and page title include the localized keywords for that page, and that the URL mentions the location being targeted. You then want to add the localized keywords to the meta-description of the page. Basically, you want to follow the same rules that you would for a normal page. Do not over-optimize by using the keywords too often, or by trying to match the exact keywords within the text of the page. This is especially important on the landing page, because the text is a key component in making the sale, and if it is filled with typos or inorganic text patterns, the reader will notice and you may lower your conversion rates. You should also keep in mind mobile responsiveness and website speed, both for UX and SEO purposes. They are two major factors that are taken into account by search engines when ranking, so it is essential to make sure that your landing pages are fast and mobile ready.

The content

When it comes to content, you will need to have unique text for each landing page. This will impact both search engine rankings and usability, since location-specific content can convert more effectively. You will be able to connect better with users if you or your writers research the target audience and the target area, and implement that research into your writing. You can also A/B test various segments of the landing page, from the title, to the main body of the text, the unique sales proposition, and the call-to-action.

Social proof is very important in advertising, and adding reviews to a landing page can be very effective. If you have reviews from customers in the area, even better. Not only do users appreciate these reviews, search engines do as well, and they do take them into account when it comes to the ranking and authority of your pages.

Are you interested in building localized landing pages for your company?

When properly set up, local landing pages allow you to accurately target customers in specific areas, and there is virtually no limit to how many of them you can have. If you add good marketing and SEO principles into the mix, the pages will draw in plenty of users and convert most of them. If you are interested in setting up localized landing pages for your business, contact us today.

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