Tips to Create a Landing Page for Giveaways and Contests using Promotional Products

5 Tips to Create a Landing Page for Giveaways and Contests using Promotional Products

Are you ready to create a fun promotional product giveaway that makes a big splash with your customers? If you’re setting up your promotional product giveaway online, use our five tips for creating a landing page that gets results.

1. Host the Giveaway On Your Own Website

It used to be common to host a giveaway on social media sites, but as the algorithms and rules change, hosting the giveaway on your own website is a stronger strategy. Use your social media to promote your giveaway and lead people back to your website.

2. Make The Landing Page Professional

You may have many goals with your promotional product giveaway, but one of them is likely to expose people to your brand. Make sure your landing page tells them you care about your professional business. Your landing page should be branded, so it has the same style as your website with your professional logo design clearly visible. The page should load quickly and it needs to be easy for them to enter your giveaway. If something confuses the person entering, they will stop and go do something else. You want a seamless and branded customer experience for entering your promotional product giveaway.

You can hire someone to help you build your giveaway page or you can use a template online. Sites like ShortStack offer customizable templates you can use to create a branded landing page.

3. Create Urgency So They Participate Now

You can create urgency by setting a deadline for the giveaway and making that giveaway clearly visible on the landing page. Some templates even offer the ability to set a countdown timer. While that can be helpful, if that’s not an option for you, you can still write a date somewhere participants can clearly see. When they know they only have so many days left to enter, they’re less likely to put it off and more likely to enter your giveaway right away.

4. Make It Exciting

When your customers are excited, they are more likely to participate. Choose a promotional product they can get excited about. Consider having multiple winners, so there is one grand prize and then several smaller prizes. This makes it seem more likely they could win and encourages them to participate.

5. Create Fun Ways For Your Audience To Engage With You

Offering multiple ways to enter that are fun and create engagement can also make your contest more exciting. For example, you can create an entry where you ask them to post a photo on their own account, sharing your giveaway. Make the theme of the photo relevant to your industry. For example, if you were a dentist, they could post a photo of their winning smile. Another entry could be to post a comment. Again, if you were a dentist, they could comment with their favorite flavor for floss. Encouraging engagement with your business is a key way to create the biggest splash with your giveaway.

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