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Help Your WordPress Site Stand Out With Quality Brand Assets

Your brand informs everything from your company culture to your marketing decisions. The better your brand story, the more you increase your chances of building loyalty and trust with potential customers. Yet, despite that reality, too many smaller businesses fail to leverage the power of brand assets within their WordPress site design.

Remember, your business website is a representation of your company. When you look at the imagery and styling of your WordPress layout, do you feel it’s doing a good job of showing visitors what your company represents? If not, it’s time you thought about investing in the creation of quality brand assets.

What Are Brand Assets?

Brand assets are images, elements, and styling associated with your company brand.

Brand assets are images, elements, and styling associated with your company brand. Everything from your company slogan to the color palette on your WordPress site falls under that umbrella. In fact, any single element intended to help tie an audience to your brand should be considered a brand asset. Common examples of brand assets include:

  • Logos
  • Color schemes
  • Slogans
  • Taglines
  • Songs or jingles
  • Company name

When you think about Amazon, what images immediately come to mind? That smiling arrow swoop immediately delivers the message of their willingness to go the extra mile to help customers. Likewise, the red and white colors and stylized lettering used by Coca-Cola are immediately recognizable to everyone. Target uses the same colors, yet you would never mistake the Coca-Cola brand for Target. That’s the power of effective branding assets.

That’s the same impact you want when a visitor lands on your WordPress site landing page. Everything from the font used to your logo imagery should make your brand identity clear. Each of your brand assets should uniquely tie back to your brand in ways that make you distinct from market competitors. In addition, the brand element should be known in your industry as one that belongs to your company.

What do you think of when the following images come to mind?

  • A little girl with red pigtails
  • Golden arches
  • A swoosh symbol

While you may have a ways to go before your brand assets become as well-known as the above, it doesn’t hurt to start working on creating potentially iconic imagery. Since many of us aren’t skilled at graphic design, it pays to bring in branding design experts like Beau Brewer Digital.

How Can I Use My Brand Assets Effectively?

The most important thing you can do to increase the impact of your brand assets is to use them consistently. That reinforces the association of that combination of elements with your brand in the mind of consumers. The brand assets you place around your WordPress site should be the same as those used in your social media channels and your marketing campaigns.

If you’re just starting to establish brand assets and looking to revamp your WordPress site’s look, you should work with a digital marketing firm that understands the importance of getting audience feedback. Beau Brewer Digital tests out the impact of our design elements to make sure they do a good job of delivering your brand’s message.

In addition, Beau Brewer Digital can help you come with strategies on how to roll out new brand assets. The right brand assets can not only boost the profile of your WordPress business site, but they can also increase the effectiveness of your other marketing campaigns. When that happens, you can increase the number of qualified leads visiting your landing pages that end up making a purchase.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid With Brand Assets?

Once again, we have to emphasize the importance of being consistent about the brand assets used throughout your WordPress site. You don’t want to have one set of logos and images on your home page, then have visitors see completely different brand assets when they click through to a product page. The contrast can be jarring and can make your website look unprofessional. You’re also undercutting your goal of associating specific brand assets with your company.

A quality digital marketing agency can help you keep track of the way you use branding assets on your WordPress site and other marketing channels. Beau Brewer Digital can create a brand style guide, a rulebook covering everything from the font to use on web pages to the logos and imagery to place around the site.

Another brand mistake asset you should watch out for is the temptation to get swept up in the latest design trends. Something that seems cool and fresh today can quickly become dated. With our experience, Beau Brewer Digital can help your company create brand assets that stand the test of time.

Finally, try not to go too far from what consumers like about your company. If you’re contemplating a brand asset redesign, make sure the changes aren’t jarring to the point where you alienate your regular customers. Beau Brewer Digital understands how to revamp brand assets in ways that improve the look of your WordPress site while emphasizing the positives of your brand.

Get Help With Your Brand Assets Today

Beau Brewer Digital assists businesses needing new brand assets for their WordPress site or desiring a complete refresh of their company’s brand imagery. Set up a consultation with us today by calling (651) 505-BEAU (2328).


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