5 Benefits of Consistent Content Marketing

5 Benefits of Consistent Content Marketing

Did you know that over 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages each month?

In other words, people love content!

And given that blogs can experience a 434% increase in indexed pages and a 97% increase in inbound links, it’s safe to say that Google loves content just as much.

But here’s the thing: prioritizing quality over quantity doesn’t always work in content marketing. That doesn’t mean you should pump out low-quality blogs every single day, either.

To put it differently, you’ll need to put both quality and quantity at the top of the list.

Sure, that’s easier said than done, but consistent content marketing can bring you many benefits in the long run. So, let’s go ahead and list a few.

The Benefits of Consistent Content Marketing

1. Builds Customer Trust

Build Customer Trust
Create quality content that addresses your target audience’s pain points. This builds trust and increases the likelihood of converting.

People get bombarded with advertisements left, right, and center that scream “The Best Product Ever Made” or “Take Advantage of The Discount Before It’s Too Late.”

That said, by relying solely on advertising campaigns, you might come across as pushy in the eyes of your audience.

Although there’s nothing wrong with a few ads here and there, you’ll need to cut through the noise and back up your statements.

To do that, you’ll need to come up with quality content. In contrast to advertisements, content centers around your audience’s pain points and aims to address them.

In other words, good content provides value to readers without expecting something in return straight away. That’s what earns your target audience’s trust and increases the likelihood of getting them to convert.

With this in mind, you’ll need to understand your audience through and through. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is your ideal audience?
  • What problems are your potential customers looking to fix?
  • How can your content address these issues?
  • Can your content save your customers’ time and money?
  • What topics are trending within your industry?

The answers will give you a general idea of what type of content will provide maximum value to your audience while making sure that you’re aligned with present trends within your niche at the same time.

2. Boosts SEO

Boost SEO
Google will rank websites that provide quality content higher. This happens for three reasons. First, by posting content relevant to your audience, you’ll encourage visitors to remain engaged with your website. Second, you’ll ensure a consistent flow of visitors by continuously posting valuable content. Third, quality content lets you show your knowledge and establish yourself as an expert in a niche.

As mentioned earlier, Google loves content and will rank websites that provide quality blogs higher. But let’s get down to the reason why that happens.

For starters, by posting content relevant to your audience, you’ll encourage visitors to remain engaged with your website. Consequently, you’ll increase dwell times and decrease bounce rates, which are direct ranking factors.

Second, you’ll ensure a consistent flow of recurring visitors by continuously posting valuable content. This tells Google that people enjoy reading your content, thus, boosting your website’s position within the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Third, quality content allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

That said, other content creators may use your blogs for research and link back to your website. Consequently, you’ll get to earn yourself a few backlinks.

This helps you build your website’s authority. In other words, the number of backlinks you have lets Google know how relevant your website is to your specific niche.

The more backlinks you have, the more trustworthy you’ll appear in Google’s eyes and the higher you will rank.

Following the same idea, we’ve talked with a few experts from some of the best SEO consulting companies, and they said that posting content consistently could do wonders for your internal link-building strategy.

The more content you post, the easier it is to connect it with other pages or articles via internal links. Consequently, both users and search engine bots will have an easier time discovering new posts.

3. Generates New Leads

In contrast to other lead-generation methods, like paid advertising, content marketing can be more cost-effective and attract better leads.

That’s because, with paid advertising, you’ll have to pump money in to keep your ads up constantly. Once your ads are down, so is your traffic.

On the other hand, given that content helps boost your web page’s position in the SERP, you’ll manage to attract consistent traffic organically without much effort.

What’s more, by offering something to your audience first, like useful information, readers will be more likely to return the favor, by sharing their contact details, for instance.

All that’s left for you to do is to create a sign-up form and a CTA button to go along with it.

But, keep in mind that the CTA copy needs to be clear and straight to the point to let users know exactly what will happen once they click on the button. Copies like “Sign-Up For The Newsletter” or “Get The Free Ebook” should work.

In terms of the sign-up form, make sure to keep the fields to a minimum. The more fields you have, the less likely users will complete the process.

Lastly, if you’re using popups, give users a clear option to close it so that you won’t annoy your readers.

Once you have their email address, you can send out content to turn leads into customers. For instance, you could highlight your products’ benefits or show off limited-time offers.

4. Builds a Community

Build a Community
The key to success with writing content is publishing interesting content constantly. You will build a tightly knit community and be seen as more of a friend than a company.

By publishing top-notch content day in and day out, you’ll not only get to boost your website’s position in the SERP and generate more leads, but you’ll also have the opportunity to create a tightly-knit community.

Every time you post content, people will get to know a little more about your company. Thus, by earning their trust and constantly offering them valuable information, the audience will start to see you not as a company but more like a friend.

Consequently, you’ll get to build a community that’s heavily invested in your business. They will keep coming back to your website, share your content with their friends and leave comments on social media.

All of these help you improve brand awareness and bring new people in.

But, keep in mind that building a strong community requires a genuine relationship between you and your audience. In order words, you’ll need to give your audience a lot of attention.

That said, besides posting quality content, you also need to regularly engage with your audience by replying to comments, asking for their feedback, and maybe even hosting a few contests.

5. Saves Money

Lastly, publishing content consistently is cheaper compared to other marketing tactics. In fact, companies who blog regularly are 13 times more likely to bring a positive ROI than companies that do not.

And that with good reason. As mentioned earlier, great content will pull your website up through the search engine rankings, meaning that you won’t need to pour money into PPC ad campaigns constantly.

Furthermore, publishing useful blogs will earn your audience’s trust and help you build a strong relationship with your readers. Consequently, they’ll spread the word about your company by themselves, essentially turning your audience into a powerful marketing tool.

Although consistent content marketing brings plenty of benefits, there’s still a question that lies unanswered:

How can you focus on both quality and quantity?

Let’s take a look at a few quick tips.

How To Post Quality Content Frequently

1. Create a Content Calendar

Create a Content Calendar
Planning content in advance is vital. It relieves stress, allows you to stay organized, and keeps you on top of your performance.

Planning your posts ahead of time is vital. This alleviates the stress of coming up with new content ideas at the last minute, helps you stay organized, and allows you to keep an eye out on performance.

That said, make sure to plan out your content for the next few months.

Next up, create a template for your calendar to include information like the content topic, the date your content needs to be published, the channel in which it needs to be published, the person in charge of writing, etc.

This will help minimize any unexpected hiccups and create a steady workflow.

Also, consider creating general outlines for upcoming posts, as this will ensure that your posts will include all the necessary information and help writers do their work faster.

2. Allow Guest Posts

You don’t have to hand over all the work to your content creation team, though. One way to publish high-quality blogs and save some time is by allowing guest posts on your website.

The internet is full of knowledgeable people who are willing to show off their expertise and build their reputation. Some of them may even do it for free.

Even more, by allowing bloggers to write posts on your website, you might build relationships with other experts within your niche.

But keep in mind to establish thorough guidelines to avoid receiving spam, low-quality content.

3. Repurpose Content

Once you’ve published your content, it doesn’t always mean there’s nothing else to do with it, especially when it comes to high-performing pieces.

You can turn existing content into videos, podcasts, or infographics and post them on platforms outside your website.

Consequently, you’ll be able to maximize your ROI and attract audiences from other marketing channels without much effort.

Final Words

All in all, content can be a cost-effective and powerful marketing tool, especially if you post consistently. It helps boost your website’s SEO, earn your audience’s trust, and build a loyal customer base.

But, getting your content marketing strategy right can be tricky, as you need to emphasize quality and quantity simultaneously.

That said, make sure you understand your audience thoroughly, address their pain points, and optimize productivity by having a content calendar in place, allowing guest posts, and repurposing your content.

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