Wanshura Jewelers

Wanshura Jewelers Gives their Website a New Look

Web Developer Beau Brewer Digital Launches Local Minnesota Jeweler Website

RED WING, MINNESOTA, April 29, 2019- Beau Brewer Digital is proud to announce another local website design.

Beau Brewer Digital a website design company is proud of the new modern look that this small business is getting. This web design went from project approval to launch ready in 12 business days. This turnover time is quite fast considering all the small details that went into the project.


Wanshura Old Website
BEFORE: Frontpage
Wanshura Old Website
BEFORE: Custom Jewelry
BEFORE: Birthstones


Wanshura Jewelers Website Launch
AFTER Frontpage
Wanshura Jewelers Website Launch
AFTER: Custom Jewelry
Wanshura Jewelers Website Launch
AFTER: Birthstones

There were, of course, certain upgrades that the company put into the website redesign such as new custom jewelry photos. These photos showcased the beauty of the jewelry offered at Wanshura Jewelers. The photo gallery is a testament to all the work that went into the website templates. Some of the photographs can be viewed here on the Wanshura Jewelers website.

Color Adjustments

Beau Brewer Digital also modernized many of the web design tools including LSEO, SEO, and Open Graph meta tags. The newly added sitemap aids the integrated Google Search Console while it guides people to the site, and Google Analytics helps the company to keep track of their engagement and traffic. View Beau Brewer Digital’s web design portfolio.

Website Builder and Designer Beau Brewer has always taken an interest in both art and computers. This is what makes his work so aesthetically pleasing as well as user-friendly. He started his work in the early 1990’s on Corel Draw. Later he mastered Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. As technology grew in the graphic design field, so did Beau Brewer’s skills. He developed his first website with one of the very first HTML editors, Hotdog HTML in the mid 90’s. For more cool website designs and information website services, visit BeauBrewerDigital.com.

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Jo Seton
Jo SetonHope Coalition
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"HOPE Coalition can thoroughly recommend Beau! He did a great job on our website, adding features we'd long wanted and "migrating" it successfully to a platform that is much easier for us to use. He's excellent at problem solving, and understands that non-profits operate on exceedingly tight budgets. Most importantly he takes the time to really listen to a client and to speak plain English (instead of "tech-ese")!"
Captain Jake
Captain JakeSwanee's Tackle
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" Best marketing guy around period listens to exactly what you want and then exceeds that by far will continue to do business and recommend his services to anyone ."
Stephanie Elsen
Stephanie Elsen
Read More
Beau Brewer Digital gets an A+++!! I have worked with Beau in promoting a large community event, as well as during my campaign for city council. First off, he is wonderful to work with. He listens and provides honest, helpful feedback, which helps projects become the best they can be. His knowledge of digital marketing is exceptional, ranging from the building of web sites to new tech like tracking pixels etc. I was always impressed with his suggestions and recommendations as well as his work.
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