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Responsive Web Design

Desktop computers are no longer the only way to access the internet. More people now use devices such as the iPhone, Android phones and tablets to browse the web. Mobile and alternative devices are outselling desktop units by four to one. These devices generate more Internet traffic than desktops or laptops combined. In the business to consumer sector we see as much as 60% of all traffic coming from high-end mobile devices. Many of your customers likely use one to find your business website.

The question for you is whether your site responds – i.e. adapts – to your customers’ web browsers and platforms. If it doesn’t, they could be taking their business elsewhere. Beau Brewer Digital specializes in responsive design, taking a mobile first approach during the web design and development process. Responsive web design adjusts your site’s appearance according to the computer, laptop or device that is accessing it. All the while, you maintain superb design quality and site navigation. The more customers can do at your site with different devices, the more profitable your site will become.