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Mobile First Websites

More people are using their smartphones to look for products and services through the web. To grow your business and maintain a positive brand image, you need a mobile-optimized website. Otherwise, business opportunities will likely wind up elsewhere. When it comes to Mobile First Web Design, it's all about page speed and optimal user experience.


Beau Brewer Digital creates user-friendly mobile first responsive websites that present your most relevant content to the diverse devices on the Internet at incredible speed. Your Beau Brewer Digital designed mobile first website can responds with customized layouts in real-time. We perform live tests (not simulations) on a variety of mobile and tablet web browsers to ensure that your website works for your audience. We develop our sites utilizing a custom framework for a fast load on all devices. We benchmark our code using Google PageSpeed Insights and strive for top performance.

Even today many companies have not yet established their mobile first website presence, Beau Brewer Digital offers you an instant advantage by going mobile first.