Poor Website Management Can Lead to Your Website Becoming Hacked to Serve Adult Content

A business consultant said there are two types of companies: those who have been hacked and those who don’t yet know it. One study in 2017 revealed that it takes the average company 191 days to discover its company servers have been hacked. These are just two examples of why you need to take website security and management very seriously.

If you are someone who believes that a security issue will not happen to you, you should read this first paragraph again. The truth is that there are thousands of cyber criminals who want your information to sell it to others. The buyers could be your competitors or someone who wants to financially ruin your company’s reputation. Whatever the reasons, taking care of your in-house security needs to be at the top of your priority list.

There are many reasons company owners and individuals choose not to take the time to do the basic wordpress site maintenance steps necessary to keep your personal data safe. Any user of Microsoft Windows 7 knows their monthly Update Tuesday update schedule usually requires you to shut down everything and perform a reboot after the updates have been downloaded and installed. On a professional level this is downtime, and on a personal level it is just annoying. Despite what are reasonable complaints, Microsoft is committed to keeping your system as safe as possible.

Other companies use software that requires re-licensing and updates to continue to keep the data safe. But these updates often require a disruption of normal business operations and run into conflict with managers and management who have their own set of priorities. However, the price of a short period of downtime is far less than the interruption of services for days when a virus or malware gets installed on 100 computers, effectively shutting down large parts of the business operations.

Some businesses choose to wait until a malware attack does occur, and then deal with it if it happens. Statistically this is an accident waiting to happen, an accident that will cost you more in real dollars and real time than if the proper security measures were put in place. One of the most often used excuses for delaying proper security for your websites is that the process would simply cost too much money. However, best practices suggest that looking at proper website security and management is actually an investment instead of an expense, as it saves you both time and money in the long run.

Cybercriminals do not always seek to get access to data but their goal is to ruin your company’s brand name. There are a number of ways to accomplish this goal, including:

  • redirecting some of your critical webpage links to adult websites
  • redirecting customers to another website that will attempt to steal their information, destroying your brand
  • corrupting your website and making it unusable, an action that can take weeks to fully recover from

A critical point to remember about operating a modern business is that there are consultants who have a specific expertise in identifying and resolving computer security problems. One such business is Beau Brewer Digital who has the knowledge and experience to make your entire website as safe and digitally bulletproof as possible. Any quality cybersecurity company is capable of giving your complete system a thorough checkup and analysis to identify the current and future problems, both which can cost you thousands of dollars in lost business operations.

Ask yourself when was the last time you had a security check performed on your computer systems. Then ask whether that security check identified problems you have not yet taken care of. Every day that passes by with security leaks in your system is a day that opens you up for a potential cyberattack. The question is whether you can afford just a single attack.

Not all companies require the same type or level of cybersecurity. The simplest way to discover what your specific vulnerabilities are and what actions you can take to minimize the potential damage is to contact a consulting service that will be able to explain to you in plain terms what is at risk and the potential cost. You will need their services today and in the future. You don’t have to become another victim of cyberterrorism. Take action now to know exactly what you are up against on a global scale.

Contact Beau Brewer Digital for website management, website support and WordPress site maintenance services.

Beau Brewer

Beau Brewer

I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to gain experience (20+ years) in Advertising. I possess the unique ability to "hand craft" corporate identity, website design, and graphic design by applying my experience to create a perfect combination of printing, marketing, and design.

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