How To Use Promotional Products to Grow Your Business

How To Use Promotional Products To Grow Your Business

We’ve all seen big corporations create promotional products, but we may not entirely understand why they do it or how it can help grow a business. Would it be an effective method of marketing for a small business, or is it just something people do?

Promotional products carry power. Everyone loves a free gift, and that creates a positive connection between your potential customer and your company. A great promo product is an affordable way to build a rapport with your customers and even your service providers. It’s also a way to keep your brand fresh in their mind and have it seen by the people in their lives.

With so many advantages, the question then becomes how to effectively use promotional products to get the most benefit for your business. There are many ways to give the products to your customers, and three main focuses when you do: gaining new customers, gaining brand awareness, and fostering loyalty.

Give Them Away During Your Opening

If your business is just beginning, this is a great opportunity to attract new customers and gain brand awareness. As the first hundred customers come into your new shop, reward them with a special gift. This item will make them feel special and increase the odds of them remembering the experience. As they use their promotional product, they’ll remember how they got it, and are more likely to then tell their friends about the positive experience.

Strategically Place Them Around Your Business

Increase your brand awareness by having your promo products around so they become a part of the experience your business offers its customers. When they’re at your front counter, they can sign their receipt with a branded pen. When you’re exchanging files with clients, you can hand them a branded USB drive. Look around your office and business and think about where your logo is being seen, and where it’s not.

Host a Giveaway During a New Product Launch

Build some buzz around your new product launch! Use this time to make people notice and remember your brand. You can host a giveaway at the product launch party. You can have a giveaway sign up for customers who come into your shop where they provide their contact information to enter to win a gift. You can offer similar raffles to your followers on social media or your mailing list. Use your promotional products to get people to pay attention to the big news happening in your business.

Reward Your Best Customers

Customer loyalty should be rewarded to keep it strong. Do you know when your most loyal customers birthdays are? Send them a free gift.

Does your business have a loyalty program where they earn points every purchase? Offer a free gift at certain levels.

Do you know how long your client has been with your business? Offer them a gift for your anniversary!

Take this same thinking to loyal service providers and your best employees. By showing you appreciate everyone involved in your business, you create an environment people are excited to be a part of.

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