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Protect your website with nightly triple redundant offsite backups. Protect against hackers and attacks, by hardening your website security with a Web Application Firewall.

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Protect your website with nightly offsite backups. Protect your website against hacks and attacks, by hardening your website security with a Web Application Firewall.

Rest easy knowing that your website is being monitored 24/7 by our state-of-the-art web application firewall. Beau Brewer Digital constantly monitors your website for malicious and unusual activity. With Site Guard, when a malicious app or person attempts to hack your website our firewall goes into overdrive. Immediately it starts to log events and sends out a notification to the systems administrator, if the attack persists your website will fight back by blacklisting the offending IP address, effective cutting off communication with the attached at that particular IP address, and if severe enough your website will permanently block the offending IP address forever. Our systems admins will step in and monitor the attach in real time and proactively take additional steps to protect your website, and in the event of a breach or data loss, your site will be automatically restored to the most recent version. With offsite backups even the worst attacks can be mitigated, with upto 365 days of archived backups of your website.

Included Services:

  • OWASP Base Rules provide 0day protection
  • Block automated public-exploit attacks
  • Stop brute-force attacks
  • Block malicious traffic
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Monitor Domain mentions in Hacker Forums
  • Monitor Domain mentions in Defacement Databases
  • Monitor Domain mentions in Target Lists
  • Nightly Offsite Website Backup
  • Website Recovery
  • 24 Hour Data Recovery
  • Domain Renewal (not included)
  • Patches and Updates (not included)
  • License Renewals (not included)
  • 12 Month minimum agreement required, billed monthly, auto renews.


We have you site protected, even if you do not host your website with Beau Brewer Digital. Our firewall is suited to protect your data on these platforms.

  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

Currently, offsite data backups are limited to accounts who host their website through Beau Brewer Digital. Depending on your server environment, we may be able to extend our off-site backups to your remotely hosted website. Contact us for more details.




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