Coordinating Your Print and Digital Marketing

Coordinating Your Print and Digital Marketing: Understanding The Tips & Tricks

When we talk about print marketing and digital marketing, we often plan them out separately. For a cohesive customer experience, combining tactics can boost your marketing success.

Print Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

Understanding the benefits of both print and digital marketing can help you better understand how to play up the strengths of both tactics.

Print marketing is a unique way of connecting with your audience. In a time when so much of our lives are digital, handing someone a personalized, printed object creates a more meaningful connection between your business and your audience.

When someone is holding an object that represents your business, you hold their attention in a way that’s harder to capture when they’re on their phones with alerts popping up on screen.

Print marketing is also very effective when you are representing your business at industry events or even meet someone in line at the grocery store who has need of your services.

On the digital marketing side, you have a much wider reach with your digital marketing campaign than what you can do with print. This is both because you can target a local and international audience and because your content can be shared and even go viral.

With online marketing, you can narrowly target the audience you want to reach and this targeting can make a clean digital marketing campaign very cost-effective. When you run marketing campaigns online, you also have a clearer process for effectively tracking your ROI (return on investment).

Tips for Combining Your Print And Digital Marketing

1. Keep Your Branding Consistent on Both

If you can, hire a designer for your business who can work on both your digital and print marketing materials. Keep your branding consistent so when someone looks up your website after seeing your business card, they have a cohesive customer experience and further associate that branding with your business. They’ll remember you faster and your business will appear more streamlined and professional.

2. Put Calls to Action On Your Print Marketing

Would you like your customers to tweet you photos of themselves using your products? Any fun idea you can think of to create engagement with your customers online can be put on print materials to bring in-person customers to greater online engagement.

3. Use QR Codes On Your Print Materials

This makes it easy for your customers to find you on twitter, Instagram, or load your website. It also gives you a way to track the effectiveness of your print materials.

4. Let Your Digital Audience Opt-In for Direct Mail Campaigns

Give your online audience the chance to sign up to receive your direct mail campaigns. This way you know you’re sending your print materials to people already interested. It also means you have the opportunity to connect with this audience in a new way. Your print and digital marketing can complement each other to boost the connection you have with your online audience.

One Marketing Campaign With Complementing Tactics

It’s true that you want to consider different tactics when you’re making the most of digital and print marketing. The way you target your audience will be different and the benefits and downfalls differ. If these strategies were exactly the same, there would be no need to take advantage of both. Coordinate these two tactics to complement each other, and you will build more opportunities to strengthen the connection you make with your audience and widen your reach.

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