Where To Market Your Ecommerce Business

Where To Market Your Ecommerce Site? Facebook vs Google

Facebook and Google are on our minds for years and we can’t get over them. A few years ago, when anyone of us wanted to search for anything online we used the term search it but now we say “google it”. That shows how much impact these platforms have in our lives. Connecting with friends through Facebook was mandatory, not just that nobody thought they would use these platforms to market your ecommerce site. Facebook became a hub for marketing businesses.

Let’s take a deeper look.

More about Google

Even children today would tell you that Google is the best search engine. Be it a needle or anything big like an airplane, you can search for it on google. People are now dependent on google for finding out about any product or service of an Ecommerce Business and gaining information about anything. If you have started a business and people can search you on google and say they have “googled you” then your business is going to reach the heights of success.

More about Facebook

Facebook is the largest social networking site with 2.6 billion users, and the best part is that it is estimated that people spend two and a half-hour of their day on this site. Facebook gave free access to its users and they took advantage of it by advertising their businesses. People got a chance to create groups or join other groups where they could post pictures and advertise their products.

After the launch of other competitor apps, Facebook was still able to maintain its audience. It was reported that people spend more time on Facebook than any other app. All the Facebook users enjoy scrolling over and commenting and sharing stuff they like. This scrolling keeps the user hooked for a long time.

Google Ads

Market your ecommerce site
Google AdWords is a popular advertising program that allows you to reach customers based on their search queries. Here are a few reasons professional marketers prefer to use Google ads.

There are almost 5 billion google searches made every day and it has 2 million websites that are displayed by Google. Marketers use google ads for their marketing and these google ads are based on keywords. Moreover, there are display ads, Gmail ads, Banner ads, and YouTube ads. Using PPC (pay per click) is beneficial for marketers as it can get you more potential customers. Keywords are actually what people would search for.

For example, if the user wants to search for long dresses for girls, then the paid-per click advertisers will target these keywords. If you sell long dresses then your eCommerce business will be visible to them. To ensure your presence you need to be visible on the google search engine. If your Google Adwords match with users it will be beneficial for you as it would increase the click-through rate. But appearing on the top of the google search engine is necessary and for that the criteria are high. Placing high-quality ads is the solution.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads
If you’re looking for a new customer base, Facebook ads is a great place to start. Here are a few advantages of using Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are just like normal posts that a user shares on Facebook. You can target your audience very easily who will find the ads by just scrolling through their news feed. Target audiences can be found by their interest in pages they like. People are more engaged on Facebook because they use it every time and scroll more frequently and comment more often.

Now let us look at the advantages of Google and Facebook ads.

Advantages of Google ads

Increased Reach

There is no doubt that people are highly dependent on Google for finding out about businesses. The reach and potential of google are very high. The visibility of your eCommerce site can increase by using google and it will also provide you with a good click-through rate.

Intent-based targeting

When people use Google to search for your brand online that means they are interested in purchasing it as well. On the other hand, if they use Facebook, there is less chance that they will buy it.

Creative requirements are low

When it comes to google the requirement for being creative is less than that of Facebook. Google only requires plain text for display ads and the images for shopping ads are also usually taken from the website. While YouTube ads can be difficult but nowadays popular brands are creating a 30-second video ad or very effective customer testimonials.

Advantages of Facebook ads

Brand awareness

Facebook can be a very good platform for creating brand awareness because many people can just happen to see your ad pop up randomly on Facebook. They can see you even when they are not looking for you. They will be aware of your brand and maybe later they would want to know more about you and will search for you on Facebook.

Facebook ads are cost-effective

The cost of a Facebook ad is 0.22$ and Facebook CP starts at 5.12$. If you want to market your eCommerce business through Facebook it will be pocket-friendly and cost-effective.

Facebook ads are highly engaging

Posters and posts that are attractive can grab the attention of the user at a glance. Educational blog posts about your products and services can also help in creating awareness about your brand and engaging the customers. Google ads can be tiring and require more effort for people to engage because they include plain texts while Facebook has good captivating content.

Easy to operate bidding system

Facebook provides a big opportunity to small businesses that can advertise without any marketing experience. If a business opts to choose conversions as their business goal, Facebook provides customer acquisition cost that helps in meeting return on ad speed. Facebook acts smart and displays ads to those people who are more likely to buy the products.


Facebook and Google are the Giants of technology these days. Both have an impact on the e-commerce business in different ways. Google is found to be best for businesses that are well established while Facebook works best for products and services that should be discovered by the customers. Both can be used by eCommerce businesses and results will show which platform is effective in driving sales faster.

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