How to Write a Brand Mission Statement And Why You Need One
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How to Write a Brand Mission Statement And Why You Need One

If you’re one of the many who skip writing a brand mission statement, you might want to rethink this decision. This brief document can help you gain greater clarity on what your company is about. You can use it to communicate that to your customers, employees, and people you partner with in the future.

Still not convinced? Let’s take a deeper look at what all this means.

What a Brand Mission Statement Is

A brand mission statement may only be three or four sentences long. Brevity is valuable here. You want to be as clear as possible.

What does your company want to accomplish? What values or philosophies are behind this drive? Your mission statement will clearly say what industry you’re in, what your company accomplishes, and the reasons your company exists.

How to Write a Mission Statement For Your Small Business

Let’s start simple. What does your company do?

Let’s say your company sells coffee beans.

Then let’s discuss the values of your company when selling these coffee beans. Do you provide the least expensive product? Do you provide the highest quality product? Is your company focused on creating the most environmentally-friendly coffee beans? Do you use innovative techniques to bring your coffee to the customer?

While a few of these things may be true, try to focus on which values are the driving core behind your product. What are the main values behind what you do? Your brand’s mission is bring the highest quality, sustainable coffee beans to the market? Excellent. That’s your brand’s mission.

Now you want to summarize why this matters to your business.

Do you want to create the most affordable coffee beans so everyone can have a great morning?

Do you want organic coffee beans to be available on a wide scale?

When you create your product and put it out into the world, what is it you envision happening as a result of what your business does?

Ways Your Brand Mission Statement Can Prove Useful

There are many ways this can prove useful, but let’s look at the top three areas this can be useful for your business.

As a Compass For Your Decisions

You can use your brand mission statement as a compass when making business decisions in the future.

Every business owner is faced with decisions every day. When you’re deep in the middle of your tenth decision of the day, you may be feeling some fatigue. You can feel lost, confused, and a million miles away from why you started this company in the first place.

This is when you need to consult your brand mission statement.

What should you price your coffee beans at? Consult this statement. You’ll be reminded of why you do what you do and regain direction for the decisions you need to make.

To Clarify Your Brand To People You Work With

Are you hiring a professional designer to create your brand? This designer needs to know what your company is about so they can work with you to create images that best represent the core of your business.

Do you have employees on staff? These employees will represent your business to people who come into your store, visit your office, or run your social media. When they tell their friends they work for you, they’re representing your brand. When your employees clearly know the mission of your company, they’re able to communicate that on your behalf in their own communications.

To Communicate Your Company’s Values To Your Customers

Your website’s “about” page is a great place to include your brand’s mission statement. You can also include it on a brochure. Many create a graphic to frame and put it on the wall inside their store. Proudly telling your customers what you do, what you value, and why gives them a deeper understanding of what your brand is about, which creates a deeper connection and understanding between your customer and your business.

Customers are more likely to become repeat customers when their values align with the businesses they use.

Do You Have a Brand Mission Statement?

If it’s been awhile since you’ve revisited your brand mission statement, dust it off and give it a look. Your company may change over time. It may be that your values and mission have evolved. Revisit this statement every year or two, and keep it around so you can use it as a compass moving forward to keep your brand consistent.


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