How To Build Customer Trust

How To Build Customer Trust With Your Business Website

Your website represents your company on the internet. When potential customers visit your site, they are making judgments. Does this site seem trustworthy? Professional? Is this a place I feel proud to do business? Is a place that’s safe to do business? Do they care about their customers? Do other people trust this business?

These types of concerns from your customers are an obstacle you can use your website to overcome. By professionally presenting your business to your customers through a quality website, you can build trust with your customers and help them feel comfortable making a purchase in your store.

Below you’ll find tips for creating a website customers trust.

Give Your Customers Social Proof

When you show potential customers that other people have successfully used your business in the past, you are showing them they could enjoy your business, too. There are several ways to build social proof into your website.

One way is through customer testimonials. These can be featured on the main page of your website. Many business owners are hesitant to ask for customer testimonials, but when people love your business, they’ll be happy to help.

Having a presence on social media is another way to establish that you are a real business other people are also using. Creating a Facebook page, an Instagram, a Yelp page, and/or a Google My Business Page are all ways to show other customers engaging with you. This also creates another way for customers to contact you, which builds trust.

Has a newspaper featured your business? Any media mentions can be featured on your website to build social proof of your business.

Visible Contact Information

You never want your customers to have to go hunting for a way to contact you. Keep your contact information easy to find.

A Secure Website

A website with poor security will not make a customer feel safe. There are many facets to consider for website security. You want a page safe from malware attacks and other known vulnerabilities on the internet, as a start. Many savvy customers know to look for the https:// in the URL of your website to see if your page is secure.

If you are selling directly on your website, customers also want to see logos for trusted payment methods. Putting the symbols for your payment processor can go a long way to build familiarity with a customer and make them feel safe.

Easy Ways To Try Your Business

This won’t work for every business, but if you have a free and low cost lead in offering, this can help ease a customer into working with you. For online services, this is often a free trial. For people who sell products, this may be a thirty day money-back guarantee or a warranty. Anything that might lower the risk of doing business with you is good to remind customers of early in their journey of discovering your business.

A Professional Business Website Design

A slick website design that looks modern and well-cared for goes a long way. If your site loads slowly, customers will leave within the first few seconds. If it loads strangely on their mobile device, they will find another business to work with. Customers feel more comfortable doing business with a company that presents themselves as professional.

Watch For the Details

As you move forward, always pay attention to the details and think like your customer. Things like spelling mistakes, slow loading pages, and a lack of easy-to-find information can cause customers to click off and find somewhere else. But when you build trust into the customer experience on your web page, you make it easy for them to decide they have the right company for them and to move forward with your business.

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