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One of the first places marketers get stuck with search engine optimization (SEO) is figuring out what keyword phrases they should attempt to rank for. They know keywords are a necessary part of their online business and bringing in valuable, targeted search engine traffic, but they don’t see an option beyond struggling to come up with keyword phrases on their own.

That’s where our Keyword Suggestion Tool comes in and changes the game. Not only will it save you the time of coming up with relevant phrases on your own, but it will provide terms you wouldn’t have thought of.

To use our Keyword Suggestion Tool, all you need to know is one seed keyword. This is a main word that makes up your niche. For example, if you wrote fantasy novels, you could enter “fantasy novels” into the suggestion tool. Your results would come back with commonly searched phrases like “Best Fantasy Novels” and “Fantasy Novels 2019”.

Enter your seed keyword below, hit the submit button, and you’ll receive a list of suggested phrases you can use to build your list of relevant keyword phrases and start the work of bringing search engine traffic to your site.

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