Why is Delivery Important

Why is delivery so important in your sales process?

Since the pandemic, the e-commerce sector has experienced a very good improvement which should continue. In fact, 15% of consumers say they continue to buy exclusively online after quarantine.

As the main point of contact between the seller’s site and the buyer, delivery is an important part of the customer experience. If there are more and more to consume online, e-consumers are also much more demanding.

Deadlines, shipping costs, return management, responsible packaging … for full customer satisfaction, it is necessary to integrate an optimal delivery service into your sales process.

What are e-consumers’ expectations in terms of delivery?

According to some reports, the expectations of e-consumers have changed following the pandemic. While more of them are shopping online, they are also more careful about the quality of delivery offered by merchant sites.

  • 54% of 18-24 year olds and 62% of over 55s prefer e-commerce sites that offer free delivery.
  • 83% of online shoppers consider the reputation of your delivery partner.
  • 50% of e-consumers expect your packaging to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Still from an environmental perspective, nearly one in two people would like merchant sites to charge a minimum of delivery costs to avoid too many tours.
  • Finally, 48% of them want alternative delivery options (pick-up points, lockers, etc.) for large online brands and 40% for small merchants.

Although consumers’ enthusiasm for online sales is circumstantial, this new consumer habit will take hold. The quality of delivery should therefore be the priority for merchant sites, because 41% of e-consumers say that it is the proposed delivery method that will determine their final purchase decision.

How to optimize delivery in your sales process?

As you can see, consumers expect impeccable delivery service from you. It has taken a considerable place in the sales process and has become an essential marketing lever to increase your conversion rate.

Let’s review the different axes to put in place to gain the trust of your customers.

Surround yourself with the right logistics partners

The first step in optimizing your delivery service is of course to find the most appropriate carriers for your sector of activity and, above all, that you are not lacking. Remember that the delivery person is your contact with your customers and that his service impacts your e-reputation. Courtesy and respect for the merchandise are therefore essential selection criteria.

The transport offers are numerous… The ideal is therefore to surround yourself with different partners to expand your delivery offer and thus meet all the needs of your customers.

Clearly display the delivery conditions on your site

Be as specific as you write your general sales conditions. Your customer will feel confident and will more easily validate their basket. Remember to detail your delivery conditions on a dedicated page easily accessible from the homepage of your website. Communicate about your delivery service throughout the purchase cycle until the order is confirmed (product sheet and basket in particular).

Bet on sustainable packaging

As we have seen, the quality of the packaging is one of the expectations of e-consumers. Favor recyclable, reusable and biodegradable materials and avoid over-packaging. Consumers are not only prepared to pay more for products delivered in environmentally friendly packaging, but also to change their consumption habits in favor of a committed brand.

Offer online tracking

Online order tracking reassures e-customers. 81% of them check the progress of their order throughout its delivery cycle. By email or SMS, sending a follow-up link to your customers has two advantages:

  1. You reassure your customers.
  2. They no longer contact you for that at the after-sales service, so you save time.

Facilitate returns

The law authorizes your e-client to return his parcel up to 14 days after receipt, without justifying himself. Make it an asset and stand out from your competition by facilitating the return. Your customer will feel confident and this is a great way to encourage them to place a new order.

Offer free shipping

Free delivery is a difficult option for small merchant e-shops. Nevertheless,That will help big e-shops that offer cross-border shipping service and have a global vision of business . it can be a good loyalty tool if it is offered under certain conditions. For example, from a certain amount or on the next order.

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Srividya Kannan

Srividya is a techie by heart having global working experience in the USA, Europe, and Asia. She is the director and co-founder of MyXBorder, a company providing cross-border shipping solutions. She is an entrepreneur who is always enthusiastic about applying technologies to solve business problems and also a busy mom of 2 who is always exploring ways to make life easier.

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