AI can Enhance Your eCommerce Business

WordPress and AI can Enhance Your eCommerce Business

Artificial intelligence is a constant fixture in your everyday life, from healthcare and banking to logistics and gaming services with a 400% bonus. Although this concept has existed since the 1950s, artificial intelligence is continually evolving to fit current needs. Artificial intelligence represents human reasoning aspects that a computer can mimic. The goal is to perform human tasks using less time and energy. When it comes to your eCommerce business, incorporating AI into your WordPress website improves the user experience to convert visitors into customers. Here’s how WordPress and AI benefit your eCommerce brand.

Better Customer Experience

The success of your eCommerce business depends on customer experience. Think of your eCommerce platform as a retail fashion store. Besides finding your shop quickly, customers want to meet your best sales assistance and leave the shop with an outfit that matches their taste, body type, skin tone, even personality. What’s more, customers want to contact you any time with queries even after they leave the shop.

By improving customer relations, AI promotes brand loyalty to beat the competition and increase sales and referrals for your eCommerce business. There are many AI applications in customer service, for example, chatbots. Customers hate waiting. As such, chatbots offer instant responses to client queries even outside business hours. You can also use AI to gather customer feedback for your eCommerce business. For instance, you can ask users to rate their experience after a live chat to know how they view the customer service of your eCommerce business.

Since analyzing individual client responses is hectic, text analytics services review large datasets for a better customer experience. AI also helps you understand client emotions. Some eCommerce AI tools can pick a user’s tone from their voice or written text to understand whether they’re happy or disappointed about your eCommerce business. Moreover, the AI tools can scan customer videos for changes in body language and facial expressions.

Removing Fake Reviews

With more people owning smartphones and joining social media, online reviews are crucial to your eCommerce business. Going through past studies, 84% of millennials neither like nor trust traditional advertising. For starters, online reviews enhance your understanding of what the market wants.

Likewise, the reviews slash advertising costs by letting customers market your eCommerce business for you. Even if the review was posted a long time ago, potential customers might still use it to learn about your eCommerce business. However, fake reviews might be detrimental to your eCommerce business. First off, users may call you out and ruin your online reputation. Your eCommerce business might even land a lawsuit for posting misleading information. The good news is that AI is effective against fake reviews.

Language processing systems scan the text for unusual formatting and writing styles to distinguish genuine reviews from fake ones. Fake ratings have several similarities. For instance, most fake reviewers have questionable usernames and stock photos as their profile pictures. Additionally, the reviews have poor grammar and inflammatory speech and might even promote competitors. The timing also matters. The reviews might be fake if they flood your eCommerce business website during odd hours, like when your customers are sleeping.

Content Optimization

Content optimization goes a long way in improving your business website’s ranking, traffic, and eCommerce sales. Ordinarily, eCommerce business websites depend on AI tools to produce SEO-optimized content. First off, artificial intelligence polishes your grammar to enhance content readability. An eCommerce website with spelling mistakes and bad grammar appears unprofessional.

Again, AI provides keyword suggestions to enhance the visibility of your eCommerce business. That way, you can concentrate on the creative side of content making while AI handles the technical aspect. Artificial intelligence also comes in handy to spot gaps. Instead of only suggesting keywords, AI also identifies what your content is missing.

Some tools even show how your eCommerce business ranks against competitors. Remember, AI isn’t only about creating new content. You could also use it to optimize existing content. For example, AI can recommend SEO updates and additional topics to cover. Furthermore, artificial intelligence optimizes links, descriptions, and pictures to go with the content of your eCommerce business.

Product Recommendation

Product recommendations have existed since the onset of print publications. It’s not uncommon for fashion magazines to suggest items to complete your look, or cooking magazines to suggest ingredients for your next meal. However, these recommendations are subjective since every customer has different needs.

On the other hand, AI algorithms gradually study a consumer’s behavior before recommending products. Some of the factors that come into play include a user’s dwell time, search history, and buyer persona. For example, you can get casino online recommendations if you like gambling. Because you’re not guessing what customers want, AI lets you send customized newsletters with personalized recommendations for every buyer.

AI also increases the reach of your eCommerce business by facilitating real-time marketing across different platforms, for instance, social media, email, mobile apps, and your eCommerce business website. This way, you don’t have to wait for the morning to update the recommendations if a niche product goes viral overnight. This eCommerce solution also goes a long way in increasing customer engagement. Chances are, your clients will return to your business website and even refer their friends if they enjoy the experience.

Quick Search Options

You lose customers when they don’t find what they’re looking for on your eCommerce business website. That’s why you should use AI to provide effective search options to consumers. Apart from enhancing search recommendations, AI-powered searches eliminate the hassle of correcting spelling mistakes and looking for synonyms.

The first AI application for your eCommerce business is voice searches. Already being used by platforms like Google, this verbal query uses voice detection to display search results. Another example is Alexa by Amazon, a digital assistant that performs different actions based on voice commands.

According to Gartner, 70% of customer relations will happen through smart assistants and speakers by 2023. Similarly, visual search lets users upload images and find similar products on your eCommerce business website.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to be an industry giant to use AI; there’s something for every eCommerce marketer willing to streamline their business. Although artificial intelligence won’t completely replace humans, one thing is for sure; this technology is here to stay. Do you have an eCommerce business? Share your eCommerce AI tools in the comments.

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