Guide To Events Ticketing Software

A Short Guide To Event Ticketing Software

Ticketing is a crucial element of event planning, and without the proper tools, it can be quite challenging. However, if you can get your hands on the right software, making ticketing decisions that will provide all attendees with the options they need can go from complex to straightforward. In this short guide, we will cover everything you need to know about ticketing software and its benefits.

What is event ticketing software?

Event ticketing software automates many of the complicated processes that go into providing tickets for events. Things like setting up payment gateways, creating various websites, integrating the capability to sell tickets on an existing website, and handling customer preferences, are all taken care of, without the need to hire extra developers or spend precious manhours on the task, and at a highly competitive price.

Take setting up websites or landing pages for example. Even if you use a template, or an existing theme in WordPress, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, from customization, to creating payment pages, and keeping track of orders. However, most event ticketing software solutions come with a website creation feature that helps you set up beautiful websites with just a few clicks. The websites and landing pages are also responsive, and designed to work with any browser, allowing you to reach as many users as possible.

Our ticketing software solution, comes with a feature called microsites, that automatically creates a site as soon as you set up your event. On top of that, it also creates a ticket widget that can be easily embedded into existing WordPress sites. Our microsites are automatically optimized for SEO so that you are competitive on any search engine.

How does ticketing software work?

The event ticketing software acts as a central hub from where you can plan out your ticketing strategy and implement it across your online presence. This includes integrating with other essential tools such as Google Analytics, Google Maps and Facebook Pixel. The software will also provide you with QR website check-in options. Once you’ve set up your ticketing, you might want to let your user base or a subset of it know about the event. With software such as ours, this is a very easy task, since it integrates with email software such as MailChimp and InfusionSoft. Handling RSVPs becomes a breeze.

Payment is also a big issue whenever you set up an event. Ticketing software comes integrated with major gateways such as Stripe, PayPal and Braintree, allowing you to set up and collect payments without any extra hassle. When it comes to keeping track of attendees, our platform offers CSV export capability for orders, and it can support up to 5000 attendees.

Let’s say you have a big event, with several mini-events to boot, such as pre-conference dinners. Our platform allows you to set up sub-tickets easily, with a ton of flexible options. The software also offers the capability to set up discounts such as the early bird discount based on time. The discounts update in real time, and they can be reused across multiple events.

Then you have customization options for attendee fields and event templates. You can set up multiple user accounts for the platform for your team members as well, allowing you to have several people work and stay updated on your ticketing strategy. Basically, you have everything you need in one central platform.

The benefits of using event ticketing software

As mentioned previously, by automating the ticketing process you stand to save a lot of time and money. Besides that, the software gives you more control over the admission process. You can track how many people will attend the venue, and turn the chaos of event planning into order without too much stress. Acting as a central hub, the software allows you to control and direct all aspects of the event’s admission.

You can also keep track of how well ticket sales are going and understand your return on investment in real time. You can see which channels generate the most sales, and using integrated software such as Facebook pixel, you can optimize your conversion rates and direct traffic and resources to the most profitable avenues.

By selling the tickets online, you can save money with print-at-home options or by using the website/QR code check-in options that are built into our online ticketing platform. Ticket printing costs can quickly add up, especially for large events, so saving money here is a nice plus. Online ticket sales also have the benefit of speeding up the admission process, again cutting costs by starting the event sooner. If you do not have to set up a ticket booth and keep your attendees waiting in long lines, the entire admission process is much easier for you and your attendees.

Are you interested in event ticketing software?

With the right software, ticketing becomes the least bothersome part of any event. We offer a complete online event ticket solution, which has been specifically designed to give you complete control over the ticketing process, and allow you to integrate with numerous other systems in order to increase the ROI of an event. Setting up ticketing with our platform costs a fraction of the price of building everything up from scratch yourself, saving you both money and time in the process. If you would like to find out more about our online event ticketing solution or how we can help you use this software for your event, contact us today.

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