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Ensure Your Customers Remember Your Brand

You rarely have an opportunity to capture a customer’s attention and expose them to your brand the way you do with your restaurant menu design. When customers read your menu, you have their attention. They are staring at your branding for longer than any other point in time. It’s crucial your design is created to take advantage of that. While this definitely means smart color choices and logo placement, it’s more than that.

A good restaurant menu design balances branding with function.

By having an easy-to-read restaurant menu, you build trust with new customers. If they pick up a menu and feel dizzy at the busy page, have to squint at unreadable fonts, or find the colors unlikeable, you lose trust. They stop thinking of you as a professional business they want to return to and start to see flaws. Avoid this common problem and start your customers’ experience off on the right foot with a professional restaurant menu design.

At Beau Brewer Digital, we have experience getting to know a restaurant’s style and creating a menu design that marries function with branding. We want to promote your food choices with a visually appealing menu that draws the customers’ eyes across the page. We know how to promote your best-selling items, create an easy to navigate layout, and strategically incorporate branding elements that will have them remembering where they ate that great meal they want to tell their friends about.

Professional Printing Options for Restaurants

While stunning visuals are one part of the restaurant menu services we offer, we also offer the option to have your printing handled in-house. Our comprehensive, professional printing options include various paper weights and styles. Do you picture your menu with a special finish, like gloss or foil? Do you want custom die cutting? These are some of the services we offer. We can professionally fold them for you, too.

Don’t go through the trouble of having a quality restaurant menu professionally designed only to have the local copy shop provide a disappointing finished product. We care about the quality of our work and want to see a finished product everyone can be proud to provide your customers.

What Best Serves Your Business?

With decades of experience in creating engaging graphic designs for businesses, there isn’t much that we can’t do. If you have a vision, we can work to bring that to life.

All of our graphic design services are offered with comprehensive printing options!

Small business logo design example shown on a T-shirt.

Our services include:

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